Toy Rescue Story


Toy Rescue Story is a playfully addictive puzzle adventure game with mind bending levels set in a world of living toys.

Join the Toy Rescue Team as they save their world one toy at a time! Test your puzzle skills, unlock new toys, and experience this epic toy adventure!

Toy Rescue Story Download

Toy Rescue Story Download


  • Addictive and fun, suitable for all ages
  • Lots of challenging levels
  • Easy to play, challenging to master
  • Colourful HD graphics & characters
  • Unique puzzle level design
  • Intuitive touch controls designed for touch screens
  • Compatible with Android tablets and Android smartphones

Game Play Video

Check out this video showing some of the levels in the game.
Watch as the toys go on rescue missions, mine for materials, and take part in an epic train race to escape the mines!

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Check out this video which tells the story of the how the Toy Rescue Team found themselves deep down in the battery mines of their homeworld Sugra!

Over 400 years have past since that tragic day, and now the Toy Rescue Team is back, and ready to save some toys!

Walkthrough Videos

Stuck on a level?
Go to our Youtube channel and select a level to see the solution!
Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you checked!

Press Kit

If you really like the game, and you want to do a review or write an article, feel free to visit our press kit page!

Link to Press Kit Toy Rescue Story