About Us

The Company

Sugra Games is a games studio based in the UK and Ireland, with a diverse team working from all over the world.

The aim of the company is to make fun games for players of all ages all over the world. Established in 2012, the company has developed two games and published four, two of which were 3rd party titles from other developers.

Our team particularly likes games with a little story in them and we believe that our players do too.



The Team


Andrew Deegan


Designer & Producer

Since 2007 Andrew has been a designer & producer specializing in developing online mobile games, apps, toys and interactive entertainment products. Worked on projects for industry leading entertainment companies across the world such as Ubisoft, Spil Games, Megazebra Social Games, Lego, Hasbro, Disney.
Worked with leading brands such as Toy Story, Playboy, The Transformers, NCIS and most recently on Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot detective series. Created several original brands and entertainment properties.You can read more about him at his portfolio page here.

Les Spink


Art Director

20 + years working in the games industry as a concept artist, senior artist and Art Director. Les has worked on AAA games such as Bafta nominated Timesplitters 2, and over 20 games published in his career across all platforms. He most recently worked with Andrew to develop Mahjong Crimes, a cutting edge mobile game with exceptional production values and creative vision. With decades of experience and exceptional creative vision, Les knows exactly how to get the best results from any art team and where to spend his energy to maximize market impact.

Michael O’Kane


Senior Programmer

An exceptional programmer and game developer, Michael has 5 years experience at the forefront of game
development. He has worked on 3 published projects across mobile and PC and has skills in many programming languages, most recently in Unity which will be the tool of choice for this project. His experience is mostly working in start up companies. He is often the solo programmer assembling everything in the game from menus to complex physics and game play. We have worked with him on several projects before and he is our go to guy for getting it done.