About Us

The Company

Sugra Games is a games studio based in the UK and Ireland, with a diverse team working from all over the world.

The aim of the company is to make fun games for the tablet and smartphone platforms that players of all ages from all over the world can enjoy.

Our team particularly likes games with a little story in them and we believe that our players do too.



The Team


Andrew Deegan

As a producer, game designer and CEO, Andrew is the driving force behind the company. He writes game design docs, maintains the project tasks and takes care of business affairs like some kind of multitasking ninja.

Marc Diamond

Adding the sparkle to our games is Art Director Marc Diamond. With youthful looks and a charming Scottish accent, Marc has the experience required to direct the technical and aesthetic art components of our games.

David Lally

With a love for games both digital and board, David is our Sci-fi loving, dark humored and straight talking programmer. Being an early riser and often first in the office, David prides himself on clean code and his quick wit.

Jarislaw Switalski

Some call him a crazy lunatic, others call him a maverick genius. We call him Jerry. Simply put, Jerry brings a certain unity to our team with his programming, as he brings all the ideas together in his magic coding machine.

Sara Mena

A former resident of Portugal, Sara brings all of our game characters to life with her gift in animation. Sara is a master of deception, and is an exceptionally good spy at the card game, “The resistance“. You have been warned!

Ronan Tumelty

Ronan is a super programmer with a keen eye for game design systems. He loves playing games and developing new intricate systems designs almost as much as he enjoys fine food and good music.

Andrew O’Connor

A super huge computer game fan, Andrew has a very special talent for breaking games.  He tests our games to destruction, much to the joy of our programming and design team.

Chris Conlan

Living the dream as a game designer, Chris enjoys coming up with exciting new features and levels for the players in his games. He also likes long walks on the beach, but no cocktails.